Homestead Tour 2

Homestead Tour

Blacksmith Shop

The Blacksmith Shop is a popular fixture at our events, where Blacksmiths make Courtin’ Candles, S Hooks, and a broad assortment of art creations, like Teressa’s prized Sorghum Plants.

The Homestead Barn

The Homestead Barn was constructed from round logs which used to be the old American Legion Hut in Trumann, AR. It is packed full of old hit n' miss engines, equipment, and tools - looking as though a farmer simply walked away one day and left everything as it was.

These days it serves as a backdrop for weddings, class reunions, and birthday parties.

The Way Station

The way station is another building  constructed out of the American Legion Hut logs. Historically a way station is a stopping place while you’re on your way to somewhere else.  It’s the last stop on your way in our out of Homestead while heading towards the covered bridge and onto the old Military Road– the original road into Whitehall.

The Sorghum Mill

Sorghum was the "principal sweetnin" of the pioneers, and the reason the Homestead is here! The very first “festival” was when Phil and Teressa tried their hand at cooking sorghum, and they have been continuing that tradition for over three decades. Homestead boasts the biggest sorghum mill in North America, Mr. Vaughan Wilson’s out of Bethesda Arkansas.

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